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I 1-7  


II 8-9  
     Learn More - Plotting points     pdf
     Learn More - UTM Coordinates     pdf


III 10-14  
     Learn More - Teamwork     pdf
     Learn More - Fatigue     pdf
     Learn More - Getting Lost     pdf
     Learn More - Who's In Charge     pdf
     Learn More - Survival Concepts and Procedures     pdf
     Learn More - Survival Shelter Construction     pdf
     Learn More - Evaluation of Patient/Situation     pdf
     Learn More - Emergency Report Form     pdf

Snow Travel

IV 15-16  
     Learn More - Self Arrest w/Ice Axe video     Link to website
     Learn More - Avalanche Danger Rose     Link to website
     Learn More - Slope Calculation     pdf


V 17-19  
     Learn More - Trail Work     Link to webpage

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