WTS Poetry Corner

Ode on a Grad Hike

  by Teresa Myers, Fall 2007 Group 14, The Gumption Group


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale

A tale of a successful trip

That started from Panorama Point

By a dedicated Gumption Group 


The Senior instructor was a mighty hiking man,

with two assistants who were tried and true

Nine students started that day

with dreams of summiting Thorodin Mountain soon


The weather was sunny, cool, and beautiful,

Stacy started our hike on a beaten path 

until a turn over a bridge lead us astray,

off trail we headed straight away


The grade was steep and the trees were plentiful

After a discussion and redirection we were confident full

Diane lead us due east to find a smoother section

Discovering in the woods we followed an old jeep trail direction


In the distance a balancing rock was sighted

The group under the guidance of Marshall, decided

It was time to head north, and after a little scramble

Summited mount Gumption, a missed bearing fumble


Maps and compass were studied hard

The true top of Thorodin was afar,

Not to worry, Mother Goose was at the front

A contour was followed, Jess headed us toward the mount


Bears beware as Brett began leading the group

Thru the snow and ascending the mountain 

Turning left looking for the summit

Finding a group of boulders, could this be the ultimate?


After viewing the second peak of Thorodin in the distance

It was determined we must search for a higher destination

Chuck fearlessly pushed past a class three scramble up large boulders, 

the summit was conquered with little trouble!


The legendary Thorodin Mountain was beat

We celebrated accomplishing such a wonderful feat

After lunching in the sky, a storm danced across a distant peak

Teresa began the trek down, a less rocky path a seek


Finding our previous footprints in the snow

Mark began leading us south all in a row

Hidden on the edge of a meadow was an old cabin found

A stream ran thru the cabin soaking the ground


Richard, our last leader up, took control

Back down the steep southern face of Thorodin we go

Over the boulders our knees ached and screamed

But the last leg of our journey was near the stream


Which way to go on the trail?  Up or down to the bridge . .

Chuck's intuition was followed and Brett scouted ahead toward the ridge

The correct direction was found

Stacey lead us to the cars in the parking round


Celebration was had at the bar Malone's

It is better to have Gumption than to hike alone.

Much thanks to Norm, Wendy and Robert

The lessons will never be forgotten. 





There once was a student from Nantucket,
whose day pack was really a bucket.
But he cared all so much,
to hike with his bunch.
That he purchased a sack, as a fact.
  contributed by Rich McAdams